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Everyone has their favorite style of pantyhose. Which one of these is yours?
Home Collection/Products Sheers New Generation 12 Denier Seamless Pantyhose

New Generation 12 Denier Seamless Pantyhose

new versus old styles
12,95 € each

No stock

       Now available in vision and graphite

  • 12 Denier Seamless Pantyhose
  • Made by Network Cardin
  • No more lace waistbands, this is a masculine design that performs better and looks great
  • Extra wide waistband can be used as a tummy tucker
  • Slightly reinforced toes, invisible with the beige
  • Soft, sheer and extremely well constructed
  • 86% nylon, 14% spandex
  • Fits heights 140cm to 185cm and will truly fit comfortably
  • Unisex
  • These are superb quality seamless pantyhose that must be experienced
  • Comes in beige, vision (dark tan/brown), graphite and black
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